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sedan 2013-08-01

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Problem med Home Exchange


Det här är en undersida till länksidan Bostad och logi. Där länkar jag till sajter med hembyte men berättar samtidigt att vi har valt att lämna en av dem, Home Exchange. För den som är intresserad av att veta varför följer här ett mejl som jag skickade direkt till deras USA-support i augusti 2014, detta för att gå förbi dereas svenska representant som jag hade dålig erfarenhet av sedan tidigare och i stället gå direkt på högsta hönsen.


Problems with Home Exchange‏


I don't like Home Exchange.

In May 2013 I became a member of both Intervac and Home Exchange. With Intervac there was no problem whatsoever. With Home Exchange, there was a problem with the payment. Eventually I discovered that payment was impossible if the option "automatic renewal" was not ticked, so I ticked it and the payment went through.

Both sites made a drastic upgrade after I signed up, and Intervac became better, Home Exchange worse. The old site was easier to use and it was easier to find what I was looking for. There were also lots of technical problems for a long time (Intervac didn't have any technical problems). Among others, the chat function didn't work, and the possibility to confirm my identity by phone number didn't work. Now the chat function works again, but the phone confirmation option is removed, and the only way to confirm my identity is to link with Facebook, where we are not and will not become members. So after over a year as member, my identity is still not confirmed!

In November, I wrote to support about these problems and got an swift answer from the Swedish representative. She said that there were technical problems with the phone confirmation, but she thought it was going to be solved soon and promised to come back to me as soon as she knew more about it. She also asked me to send her a screen dump of the chat, which I did.

There was no answer. After two weeks, I wrote her again and asked why she didn't come back to me as promised. I never received any answer.

In May this year, it was time to renew the membership of the two sites. From Intervac, I got a reminder well in advance; from Home Exchange there was no reminder. The payment to Intervac went through as smoothly as last year. But when I was about to pay to Home Exhange I noticed that the option "automatc renewal" was still ticked, from last year, and I unticked it. After that, the payment refused to go through, even though I of course reticked the renewal option and tried again, several times. I only tried it with PayPal, because I want to pay with my PayPal balance, not with a credit card, which is linked to my bank account. And I don't want to be forced to pay with a credit card. Finally, it looked like it had worked and I breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn't until some weeks later that I noticed an orange button that said "renew" to the left of "My account". At first, I found it very strange, and it took some time before I logged in to PayPal and checked. The payment had not gone through. Which meant that our listing was not visible to others, and we had no idea about it!

I tried again to pay. I filled out all the fields correctly, but every single time I got the error message "unvalid discount code". And of course I didn't have any discount code at all, so I left that field blank, which obviously wasn't possible.

After many tries, I gave up. But I thought it was very funny when, at the end of June, I got an "exclusive offer" from you to renew my object and save 25 %. It's your own (---) fault that I can't renew it! I had tried and tried and tried to pay, but you just refused to accept my payment!!

After that, I haven't made any more tries. We don't need Home Exchange any more. We made an exchange through Home Exchange in June, one in July and have another one in September-October. But those were all already arranged, we don't need the site to do it. We will continue to use Intervac, where everything works perfectly.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to install a computer software which is the best one on the market in its genre. It was exactly as impossible as paying to you. It just stopped, froze and gave error messages. After countless tries, I gave up and installed another software. Because even if something is excellent in theory, what use is that to me if it doesn't let me use it?

Best regards,

Madeleine Midenstrand
User name: XXX
Listing # XXX


Jag fick ett automatsvar från USA att mejlet var mottaget, men det kom inget personligt svar från dem utan bara från den svenska representanten, där hon beklagade och bad om ursäkt och erbjöd oss tre månaders gratis medlemskap som plåster på såren.


Vi valde att inte förnya.





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